SuperTag Alarming 2-Tone Lanyard

SuperTag Alarming 3-Tone Lanyard

Get the highest level of security for hard-to-tag, high-value, high-risk merchandise—anywhere in the store. This alarming 3-tone lanyard SuperTag features an integrated lanyard cable with a stainless-steel pin for superior defeat resistance in an easy-to-use format. It is ideal for protecting items unable to be secured with a pin-style tag including shoes, handbags, luggage, sporting goods and more.

Product Description

  • 2-tone alarming feature adds an extra layer of security to high-value, high-risk merchandise
  • Supertag, the gold standard in asset protection, features a patented clamp design for superior defeat resistance
  • Sleek, aesthetic design helps minimize impact to merchandise on display
  • Promotes open merchandising for increased sales
  • Backed by a multi-year battery life warranty to reduce operational and replacement costs
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