Integrated Deactivators for NCR Scanners-Scales

Integrated Deactivators for NCR Scanners/Scales

These high-performance Sensormatic deactivators are comprised of antennas designed specifically to integrate with compatible NCR scanners and scales.

After products are scanned and information verified at the point-of-sale, the antennas automatically deactivate attached AM EAS labels for a fast and accurate checkout — even in high-traffic, high-volume locations.

Product Description

  • Accelerates checkout by simultaneously scanning and deactivating protected merchandise to alleviate unnecessary shopper delays
  • Only deactivates merchandise that has been scanned and purchased to help prevent sweethearting, scan avoidance and merchandise switching
  • Reduces overall installation costs by eliminating the need to modify checkstand
  • Audible and visual indicators provide immediate feedback when active labels are detected and deactivated, enhancing front-end productivity
  • EAS connectivity option allows generation of operational information to help quickly identify and correct performance issues


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