CompactPad Deactivator

CompactPad Deactivator

The Sensormatic CompactPad Deactivator provides convenient and simple deactivation for even the smallest checkstand areas.

Designed in frontend applications where high-speed throughput is not a priority, this unit deactivates active AM EAS labels up to 15cm (6in) above the surface of the pad at a throughput speed of up to 152 cm/sec (60in/sec). An LED light on the deactivator provides visual deactivation notification. Optional Remote Alarm Module provides visual and audible confirmations when active labels are detected and deactivated.

Product Description

  • Designed for even the smallest checkstand areas to allow maximum use of counter space
  • Reliable deactivation for increased customer service and fewer nuisance alarms
  • EAS connectivity option allows generation of operational information to help quickly identify and correct performance issues
  • Built-in audible and visual indicators provide immediate feedback when active labels are detected and deactivated, enhancing front-end productivity


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